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Eastborough Junior Infant & Nursery School

Year 4


Our  Class teacher is Mrs Tai. Other adults that help in our class are Mrs Bano and Miss Mumtaz.

This half term we have started a new topic called farm to fork. We are learning about where our food comes from and how it is prepared for shops. As part of our topic we are going to Cannon Hall Farm.


We have learned all about different types of milk, where it comes from and how milk is pasteurised. A man called Lewis Pasteur first used pasteurisation and it helped kill the bacteria in milk and helped it last longer.


We also learned how to make milkshakes as part of a healthy diet. They were tasty, mmmmmmmm! 

 Below are some links to websites where you can play games and read interesting facts.

Click here for some fun and games


Make sure you stay safe on-line.

There are also lots of educational games to play via Education City.

Sumdog has some great maths quizzes for you to do. It also records how much work you have done so Mrs Mahmood can see who is working really hard. If you do lots of good work, Mrs Mahmood may give you a sticker or a special certificate - can you get one?


 Click the link below to get started.

Can you play them all?