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Eastborough Junior Infant & Nursery School

Narrowing The Gap

Every Child Counts

We are an accredited  Every Child Counts School, and as such we are able to offer a range of highly effective interventions, designed to raise pupils confidence and attainment in mathematics. All lessons are taught in a dedicated Maths area in addition to pupils daily mathematics lessons. Our data shows all our pupils make accelerated progress increasing their number ages between 10 and 24 months on completion. Communication with class teachers is a key element to the interventions success.  Monitoring of progress continues after pupils have completed it. This is to ensure their progress is maintained. Further support, if required is given.


Numbers Count is a specialist teacher-led intervention for children who find mathematics extremely difficult.  It is available for pupils in Y1, 2 and 3, to get them back on track and catch up with their peers. Our Numbers Count teacher is Mrs Mahmood. She provides a personalised learning programme, of between 40 and 50 lessons, for  individuals or pairs of pupils. Lessons are tailored to meet their needs, improving their skills, thinking and attitude towards mathematics.


1stClass@Number  is a light-touch intervention for children who need a helping hand.  It is delivered  by Mrs Hussain, a trained teaching assistant, to small groups of children in Class 2 who require additional support in mathematics. The programme of between 24 and 30 lessons, is designed to improve their numeracy , communication skills and mathematical  thinking.  It helps them to get back on track and catch up with their peers.


Success@Arithmetic is a light touch calculation-based intervention for learners in Key Stage 2.  It is delivered by Mrs Hussain, a trained teaching assistant to small groups of pupils  who have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency and need support to improve their understanding and speed of number and written calculation skills. It helps them to make faster progress and to catch up with their peers.


Talk 4 Number is a new intervention this year. It is a small-group intervention that develops mathematical language and communication. It is a structured light touch intervention delivered by Miss Garthwaite, a trained teaching assistant. It is delivered to a group of 4 pupils, who need support to improve their understanding and use of the language of number, about 3 times a week, for 8 weeks. It has been designed for pupils mainly in Year 3 or 4 who struggle to use and understand mathematical language, or to talk fluently about their mathematics.






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