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Eastborough Junior Infant & Nursery School

Our School Values and Ethos

Our Values 

The school will seek to promote a positive atmosphere where children can feel happy and secure, where good conduct is recognised and rewarded to enable children to grow in confidence and respect.

We will endeavour to create an environment where justice, fairness and equality are paramount and where relationships are built upon trust, courtesy and politeness.

We will create an environment where teachers and pupils have high expectations with regard to learning behaviour.

Our Ethos

To encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within our school, with an understanding that we need agreed values and codes of behaviour for all people to work well together in school.

Being Kind - To foster positive and caring attitudes towards everyone, by everyone.

Being Fair - To be consistent throughout the school with regards to clear and safe boundaries of behaviour.

Working Hard - To encourage increasing independence, self-discipline and awareness of responsibility for our behaviour.